What an Experience

So my first Wedding photoshoot completed, edited and some images have now been loaded up to the website and facebook. What a full on experience, I have learnt a lot from this photoshoot and I would like to say thank you to Bonnie and Steve for allowing me to be part of their wedding day.

Next project planned is street photography, watch this space as images will be coming soon!!

Speak soon


Its Been A While!!

So last time I blogged was to tell you all that my exhibition and myself were off to London. 

A lot has happened since then! 

I have officially left university with a 2:1 BA(HONS) in Commercial Photography and I can now call myself a professional photographer. Still can't believe it!!

Its sad to be leaving university but at the same time I am looking forward to discovering where the future takes me. People keep asking me where to I see myself in 5 years time and the truth is I have no idea as long as I am doing something within photography and doing a job I love I will be happy and at the minute that is what I am going to concentrate on. 

Here is to wishing class of 2015 the best of luck and see you all at graduation :) 



Off to the big smoke

So....after a successful exhibition in Derby, it's time to pack up and head off to London for the next exhibition running from 17th to 21st June at Hoxton Arches. 

I am looking forward to London greatly, but I am also a little upset that this marks the end of my 3 years at university where I made great friends and shared many experiences, supporting each other through the highs    and lows.

Good luck everyone.....Lets have a great time in London!


So Here It Is

Yesterday saw the pinnacle of my three years at university with the photo exhibition in Derby, which will be followed by a further exhibition in London. It was a rush getting everything ready, but managed to get it all done in the end. My time in the education system is almost over and I leave with fond memories and good friends.

I will be posting my final images soon, so please take a look.

On the day

So yesterday was my final photo shoot, the day started out well and flew by, so much so I found myself running out of time and the venue was closing up around me. I learned a lot about time management and organisation.

Many thanks to both my models Adam and Sophie, to my make up artist Abigail, to my hairstylist Beth and also to Abi my assistant and dad for ferrying us all around. 

Getting Excited

OK, So tomorrow is my final photo shoot at Uni, I am so excited, models, make up and hair artists are all lined up, equipment all on charge, venue organised costumes ready, assistant prepped, so all good. will be posting throughout to facebook throughout the day.

First Blog

As part of the coursework, I was tasked to develop a website and thought it would be fun to include a blog page. My intention will be to keep everyone informed via my blog, and social media of any new developments at Pictura